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EMDR-Therapy: Treat trauma instead of repress it

EMDR-Therapy: Treat trauma instead of repress it

EMDR-Therapy: Treat trauma instead of repress it

Originally used for the treatment of dreamings, EMDR therapy is becoming increasingly popular. For the processing of so far displaced experiences follows a feeling of liberation.

In the course of life, man experiences countless moments – positive, but also negative. By nature one tends to displace unpleasant experiences. This may go well for years. Or the problems are fixed and develop into psychological barriers to the future.

EMDR, which stands for “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing” and can be translated with the desensitization and reprocessing by eye movement. The method finds its origins in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorders, but is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. For a good reason: the therapy resembles hypnosis and helps to work out repressed experiences. For, apart from severe trauma, many psychological problems can be attributed to stress in the past.

Here the EMDR therapy is to help. Through special eye movements, the information center in the brain can be stimulated to process repressed memories. The prerequisite is that you have to face your fears and trauma.

When and to whom does the EMDR method help?

Previously, EMDR therapy was used exclusively against acute and chronic trauma, such as posttraumatic stress disorder. Within the last few years, however, it has been found that the method can help against many problems. Today she is involved in:

  • anxiety disorders
  • addictions
  • depression
  • Chronic pain
  • trauma
  • mourning
  • Developmental and behavioral disorders in children
  • fatigue syndrome

How does EMDR therapy work?

For an EMDR treatment to work, it should be used in the context of long-term psychotherapy. It is important for the success that the therapist and the patient are already familiar with each other and have found the origin of current problems and possible unprocessed trauma together.

This is not easy at all – because often you do not even know for a long time that certain events of the past still affect today’s life. It is easily underestimated to what extent seemingly problem-free experiences influence the present and the action. 

On this basis the EMDR treatment starts. The therapist asks the patient to create a memory together and to live it through again. On both sides the eyes are then guided horizontally with the finger, similar to the hypnosis. The double, fast eye movements are intended as stimulation for the processing of repressed or traumatic experiences.

The process is repeated several times. After each time the talked about the experience, until the associated load solves.

Through the eye movement, not only can negatives be processed, but also positive impulses can be set. The goal is that the patient leaves the session with a good feeling. A treatment can take up to 90 minutes. Patients usually feel freed, but exhausted and should still have some rest.

The precise treatment plan is based on the individual problem. The sessions are repeated as required. The EMDR therapy is always chronological: first, the therapist and the patient devote arousing experiences from the past. Only then will the resulting current problems be dealt with, in order finally to turn to the future and related fears. For example, avoidance strategies that hinder us in our life and deeply rooted problems can be permanently solved.

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