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Easy Free Back Cream Plus Buy Now

Easy Free Back Cream Plus Buy Now

Creaming made easy – effortlessly reach all parts of the body.The helping hand for creaming the back.Suitable for body lotion, sunscreen or shower gel With practically 4-way divisible handle.

  • Cream-help for creams, lotions, BodyMilk
  • even dosage – gentle massage
  • pluggable handle varies the length and is great for the luggage
  • leak-proof, easy to clean

The well-known cream aid in the new design:

The new handle allows through its U-shape even better handling.With and without handle to use. With the long and stable grip every body region is reached.

The 7-chamber system allows a fine uniform dosage of lotions, sunscreen and creams. 17 movable balls massage the care products gently and thoroughly.The balls are easy to remove for cleaning, the cap prevents leakage of cream on the go.

Spare Parts:

Sisal attachment = Art. 2015.1.30
Sponge attachment = Art.-No. 01/31/2015


  1. Cream – attachment with 17 massage balls
  2. Protective cap, transparent, with cover
  3. 3-part handgrip, divisible with quick-release fastener
  4. Packaging 4-color, D, GB, F, NL, I, E, S, FIN

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