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Basically, dyeing your hair is not a modern trend, because as early as 3,000 to 4,000 years ago, people knew of effective methods for changing their natural hair colour. Thanks to the constant development of such beauty products, trend-conscious ladies and gentlemen nowadays have far more colours available. Anyone who thinks of a small “colour change” should, however, be informed in advance about the products to be used in order to dye the hair as gently as possible. Good hair colour change products are based on vegetable raw materials and do not attack the hair during dyeing – quite the contrary: their natural ingredients can even help the hair!

Dye hair gently – is that really possible?

Anyone who has ever changed their hair colour – either personally or by a specialist – knows the strong smell of the chemical colourants used for this purpose. The more aggressive ingredients of these products usually have a damaging effect on the hair, as they have to penetrate their “protective cover” to achieve a long-term and intense colour change. For this reason, it is not advisable to have your hair regularly on this procedure.

However, there are herbal alternatives to the “chemical clubs”, which also promise an intense colour change on the hair, but this does not attack or even damage. Not a few products that gently dye hair are based on the natural dyes henna and indigo. These were even used thousands of years ago for this purpose. Of course, the modern products are composed much more sophisticated, so that nowadays not only a wider range of shades with the natural hair dyes is achieved, but also a specific care of the hair can be achieved.

You can buy vegetable hair colours in natural cosmetic quality that gently colour your hair, for example, in various online shops – such as – at reasonable prices. These contain an exclusive mix of natural ingredients, which are responsible for the shiny colour results and for strengthening the hair.

In addition to the colour pigments already mentioned, the following ingredients, for example, are added to these products:

  • Essential oils
  • alginate
  • jojoba oil
  • wheat protein
  • Various natural dyes (such as cassia powder, walnut powder, coffee powder, etc.)

As can be seen, natural-cosmetic-grade plant-hairs are completely devoid of any chemical lumps such as ammonia and aromatic amines. Therefore, the natural hair dyes are often even suitable for those people in which hair and scalp react strongly to chemical products and which had previously had to refrain from dyeing their hair due to this fact. – real organic pleasure in all its facets

People who are looking for Herbal Hair Color interested in natural cosmetics quality for gentle colouring their hair, certainly also place a high value on it, to enrich as many aspects of their lives with high-quality and natural products. In addition to cosmetic products, organic foods, animal feeds and ecological cleansers are now being added to their shopping cart.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking is rarely fully supported by discounters or other businesses, so real organic enjoyment in all areas of life is always associated with a lot of organizational effort. Thanks to the online shop, however, a lot is changing in this situation, because the dedicated team of the shop has set itself the task to include the best products of well-known manufacturers (such as Weleda, Rapunzel and Zwergenwiese) in its range and to offer online for sale. This opens up a rich pallet of high-quality organic products to the customers of the online shop, which end up in the shopping cart with just a few clicks and are then delivered to their own front door.

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