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Diarrhea: Types, Causes, Signs and Treatment

Diarrhea: Types, Causes, Signs and Treatment

Diarrhea: Types, Causes, Signs and Treatment


Diarrhea Definition: It is a universal health issue which only in the USA makes 179 million people suffer.  Diarrhea is the condition in which the victim is passing loose and watery stools multiple times a day. Over 4 billion children under the age of 5 become the victim of  Diarrhea and 1.4 billion children among them can be either acute or chronic.  Children can stay safe from diarrhoea if food is hygienic and get their immunization in time. Oral rehydrating solution (ORS)  can also help in keeping children healthy and can prevent them from dehydration.


TYPES OF DIARRHEA: Diahhrea is classified into two classes based firstly on duration and secondly on mechanism:

Based on Duration, Diarrhea can be either acute or chronic. Acute Diarrhea lasts for only two to three days and goes away on it own while that of Chronic Diarrhea which is very serious and can stay for three to four weeks and needs a proper treatment.

While considering the mechanism, diarrhoea can be of five different types:

  • Osmotic Diarrhea: This type of diarrhea is caused by such particles that would be involved in releasing the excess of fluid in the colon.
  • Motility-Related Diarrhea: The movement in the intestine speeds up which causes the food to reach colon early resulting in the speedy passing of stools.
  • Secretory Diarrhea: Excessive secretion of fluid in the intestine leading to Secretory Diarrhea.
  • Collagenous Colitis is a rare condition in which the colon suffers from severe scarring which prevents the area from absorbing water and watery stools are passed.
  • Inflammatory Diarrhea:  It is a condition in which colon suffers from inflammation. The inflammation is caused by the attack of viruses, bacterias, parasites or any other cause.


CAUSES OF DIARRHEA: The fundamental drivers of diarrhoea can be the following:

Reasons for Acute Diarrhea:

  • Intense entrail contaminations including rice the runs
  • Food poisoning
  • Mushroom poisoning
  • Harming with chemicals
  • Tension, push
  • Caffeine, tea
  • Pharmaceuticals (for instance, diuretics, all anti-infection agents, different medications)
  • Vascular impediment of the digestive tract
  • Radiation treatment (intense radiation colitis)

Diarrhea: Types, Causes, Signs and Treatment

Reasons for Chronic Diarrhea:

  • Perpetual pancreatic aggravation
  • pancreatic malignancy
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Drain sugar narrow mindedness (lactose prejudice)
  • Inconsistency of fructose or sorbitol
  • Celiac sickness (gluten prejudice, gluten-sensitive enteropathy)
  • wheat narrow mindedness
  • Food sensitivity and narrow mindedness (pseudo-hypersensitivity )
  • Endless fiery sicknesses, including Crohn’s infection (Crohn’s ailment ), ulcerative colitis, thus called minute colitis
  • Scleroderma
  • Persevering and incessant intestinal contaminations including, for instance, HIV contamination/AIDS, Whipple’s malady, sexually transmitted end-organize irritation, worm illnesses (eg, band worm invasion)
  • Hormonally dynamic tumours
  • Overactive thyroid
  • Adrenocortical hypofunction
  • Diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2


DIARRHEA SYMPTOMS: Symptoms in case of diarrhea at a glance”

  • Multiple bowel movements(three times each day or all the more every now and again)
  • Thin or drowsy consistency of the stool
  • Expanded stool volume (measure of stool)
  • Spasm like stomach torment
  • swelling and bloating
  • Sickness and retching
  • anorexia
  • Weariness, shortcoming, weakness
  • Flow issues
  • At times: fever



WITH WATER INTAKE: On account of diarrhoea, treatment basically effectively relieves indications and keeping away from unfavourable side effects of the sickness. These are mostly because of the high loss of fluid and minerals.

For the treatment of intense loose bowels it is prescribed:

  • Compensation for the loss of fluid, for instance, by still mineral water or home made teas. Adults with diarrhoea should attempt to two fold the typical drinking level of no less than 1.5 litres for every day.
  • Isolated minerals ought to be consumed in the form of ORS.
  • Important antiviral medications can be taken.
  • A  warm water bottle goes about as a home remedy for the problem.

Diarrhea: Types, Causes, Signs and Treatment

MEDICATION: Prevention should be prioritized in diarrhea medications, such as the active ingredient loperamide which should not be taken without a doctor’s  consultation. It reduces the intestinal activity. In the case of diarrhoea caused by food poisoning, it is therefore not advisable to take loperamide. It prevents the body from excreting the toxins out.

Other medicines such as Perenterol which contain yeast, it inhibits the growth of harmful germs in the intestine and facilitates the re growth of natural intestinal flora thus restoring the old natural mechanism of digestion.

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