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Depression: Symptoms, Types, Medications, and Therapies!

Depression: Symptoms, Types, Medications and Therapies!

Depression: Symptoms, Types, Medications and Therapies!


Depression is a figure of speech which jointly explains multiple issues with a human brain. These issues include sadness, lack of interest, hopelessness, desolation, misery and low spirits which keep the person mentally and physically down in his or her life. Depression causes the release of cortisol and it is involved in the consumption of energy. Directly pondering over its working, cortisol breaks down the fats in the body in the hour when the body needs energy and human are unwilling to take any food ultimately resulting in the decrease of weight if the human stays in the depressive situation for long.

Depression is a global threat now because from the studies of World Health Organization we’ve got to know that 350 million people around the world are affected by this mental disorder and the number is increasing day by day. Depression inhibits the person’s ability to perform any activity even the one he was once perfect at. Depression can impart negative affects greatly on human’s personal as well as social life.

Never ever confuse depression with your daily mood swings. Depression is a persistent feeling of despair and discouragement which can even last for months while Mood swings totally depend on the series of event that has been following your day. Depression can be very severe that it can even lead a person to suicide. Depression is also faced by teenagers due to wrong parenting and many other reasons as well. Teenagers need adult guidance more than ever so that they can learn without falling and can stay away from negativity.

It’s not necessary that there has to be a bad event behind depression, it can also occur due to genetical, psychological and biological changes in the body. Adolescence is an age where hormonal changes take place and people get to face an immense change in their mental abilities and Newly grown ups frequently confuse the feeling of lack of interest with depression. This stage is a point where over thinking is very common and a negative event which will not be so negative can impart quite pessimistic consequence so yeah right counsel is quite significant.

Depression: Symptoms, Types, Medications, and Therapies!


Unipolar depression: Anxiety is most significant symptom of unipolar depression which is a continuous feeling which stays for longer time period and keeps the person away from showing involvement in any activity with full participation. It is the primary attribute of depression which very frequent to find.

Bipolar depression: Bipolar depression is featured by both manic and depressive episodes separated by periods of normal mood, which are very harmful to brain functionality.

Major depressive disorder with psychotic: This situation is worse than any other type. In this case, the patient stops believing in reality and starts making up stories in mind which is a reality to the patient. The patient begins to sense things that do not exist.

POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION: It is a duration of depression which is faced by the mother a little before and after the birth of child which can be treated by the company of right people.


There are few ways to fight depression and let the happiness come back to your life.

  • Right company
  • Antidepressants (no no no no)

Depression: Symptoms, Types, Medications, and Therapies!

RIGHT COMPANY:  Take the patient to right psychiatrist or to a person he or she can talk to, comfortably. A comfortable company can really help fight the depression. Through this treatment, the patient would feel a lot better even from a little counselling because in this state the patient is in search of a person who would at least listen to his issues and respect his feelings. Well, This procedure is also known as psychotherapy and it totally comprises on interpersonal bonding where you’ve to provide the patient with a comfort zone in which he or she can feel secure enough so that he can let go off all his miseries and problems and start feeling like a lively person. This process is quite a time taking but it’s also very effective as depression makes a person loses all of his or her interest and trust in everything while through this procedure you can rebuild it all and can make him as liveliest as ever.

ANTI DEPRESSANTS: To me anti depressants are not a good idea as they’re addictive and can only make the patient feel good for a little period without making him or her optimistic about life. Following are a few antidepressants which are to be used only by the prescription of the doctor.

  • tricyclic antidepressants
  • atypical antidepressants
  • selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors

Depression: Symptoms, Types, Medications, and Therapies!

Note: PLEASE PREFER choosing the right company.

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