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Dengue: causes, symptoms and treatments!

Dengue: causes, symptoms and treatments!

Ladies and gentlemen, we know that Dengue is a severe condition and often the symptoms of Dengue can be extremely severe as well. It is known that Dengue affects almost 400 million people every year, according to the latest medical research in this department. This is why we have compiled in this article; the definition of Dengue that explains what is Dengue fever, what causes Dengue, some Dengue prevention tips, the transmission of Dengue and the treatments of Dengue or existence of any Dengue fever vaccines as prescribed by doctors. Please read on to get a chance to understand this disease:

Dengue fever definition:

What is Dengue fever?

The best way to define Dengue fever is to call it a mosquito borne infection that can lead to a potential victim having the symptoms of those such as in influenza. It is certain that most of the population around the globe lives in areas or conditions which have an increased risk of getting the infection of Dengue fever and Dengue fever transmission. You may even be able to experience Dengue fever more than once. However, it is certain that you might get harsher symptoms the second time.

Causes of Dengue fever:

Four different viruses may have been at the cause of it but it is only spread and carried through two types of Aedes mosquito, called the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. The virus is transmitted from an infected mosquito to a person through the mosquito bite. It is most common in areas which are sub-tropical or tropical in climatic conditions and can happen in both urban and rural areas as well.

Symptoms of Dengue fever:

In a mild Dengue fever, the symptoms of Dengue fever will usually begin around 4 to 7 days after the mosquito bite which caused the infection. These symptoms will normally include aching joints and muscles coupled with a high fever. You may also experience a severe headache that doesn’t seem to go away and may develop nausea and get vomiting as well. Another symptom of Dengue fever is when you experience a lot of pain behind your eyes. A body rash also occurs but this may go away and then reappear, however it does count as one of the symptoms of Dengue fever.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) symptoms will include bleeding from the gums or nose. You might even be at risk of getting internal bleeding and this will result in black feces or black vomit. If you are showing symptoms of Dengue fever such as small blood spots under the skin, a weak pulse that has slowed down considerably, clammy skin and a sensitive stomach, then you may be at risk of developing DHF.

Dengue shock syndrome (DSS) is a severe type of Dengue infection which can be potentially fatal. The symptoms of DSS can include a mild fever, intense pain in the stomach which doesn’t seem to fade and a fast drop in your blood pressure. You might even experience heavy bleeding and a regular and large amount of vomiting. Your blood vessels may also be leaking fluids and you will definitely experience disorientation with this infection.

Dengue symptoms in adults are the same as Dengue symptoms in any other age groups.

How to prevent Dengue fever?

  • Reduce the amount of skin exposure
  • Use mosquito repellants to keep mosquitoes away at all costs
  • Avoid using heavily scented cosmetics
  • Remove any stagnant water or at least keep away from it at all times
  • Avoid taking strolls outside at dusk and dawn

Dengue fever treatment: how to treat Dengue fever?

It is certain that there is no Dengue fever vaccine that exists to date. However treatments, which your doctor will prescribe, will include preventing dehydration and getting Tylenol (or other painkillers) for the pain. Severe forms of Dengue need to be treated with blood transfusion or IV fluid supplementation for those who cannot use their mouths.



As we have listed above the causes of Dengue as well as the symptoms of Dengue or the signs of Dengue, please make sure that you are fully aware of your condition before taking any action. It is also recommended that when you get any of the symptoms of Dengue listed above, you take medical help from a doctor. However, we hope that the Dengue fever treatment and Dengue medication will help you through your condition.

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