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Companion in the winter: the cystitis

Cystitis: Urinary tract infection Causes, Symptoms and Therapy

Cystitis: Urinary tract infection Causes, Symptoms and Therapy

An annoying companion in autumn and winter: the cystitis. Especially women often suffer from the bacterial infection. Especially in the cold season the body is prone to the penetrating bacteria and an inflammation can be the result. With simple tricks you can prevent.

For too long in wet shoes running through the rain, sat too long on the cold park bench – many women get very cold during the cold months (Cystitis). Usually only “bacteria” are behind the symptoms.

Cause of cystitis

The cystitis is one of the lower urinary tract infections. The cause for this is usually Escherichia coli bacteria from their own vaginal or intestinal flora. They migrate through the urethra into the bladder and multiply there. The tissue that covers the bladder and also the urethra as well as the ureters is inflamed by the bacterial attack. When the bacteria continue to migrate upwards in the body, they can reach the kidneys through the ureters and cause renal cell inflammation. This is accompanied by great pain.

Also, sexual intercourse can be a cause of cystitis. In sex, bacteria get more easily into the urinary tract and can trigger the inflammation.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection

Typical symptoms of uncomplicated bladder infections include frequent urge to urinate, which is associated with little urine fluid, a burning sensation during and after urination, and a painful abdomen. Occasionally there are problems with holding the urine. As the disease progresses, symptoms become more and more unpleasant; blood can be found in the urine.

Fever or potency problems radiating pain are not the symptoms. If any of these effects persist, call a physician immediately. If a cystitis occurs in men, pregnant women, children or diabetics, a doctor should also be consulted to avoid risks.

Prevention and therapy

The best therapy for urinary tract infection is the strengthening of the immune system. If the defense systems are intact, the bacteria hardly have a chance to get into the bladder and multiply there. A lot of drinking acts both preventively and therapeutically in case of cystitis, as the fluid cleans the urinary tract and literally flushes the exciters out of the body. Anyone who empties the bladder after sexual intercourse prevents the infection. The bacteria that have entered the body are thus immediately rinsed out again and have no opportunity to colonize and multiply. Even those who are warm and dry on cold rainy days are prophylactic.

But sometimes all prevention does not help and the pathogens find a way. Antibiotics provide relief in a bladder infection after only a few hours and the symptoms disappear. This treatment, however, is controversial, especially in susceptible patients, because most simple bladder infections can heal by themselves. Antibiotics accelerate this process, but also affects the vaginal and intestinal flora. The intestinal flora is an important component of the immune system. Thus, if any cystitis is treated with antibiotics, the immune system is weakened and the organism is again more susceptible to infections – a devil’s circle. Together with your doctor, you can customize the therapy.

Alternative methods can be an antibiotic replacement. Kidney and bladder teas support the healing process during urinary tract infection. They contain diuretic, antimicrobial and anthelmintic drugs. The nasal constrictor can also be used against a cystitis. It has an antibacterial and cleansing effect. Footbaths, warm envelopes in the bladder area and a hot water bottle can also help.

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