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 A real guy leaves only soap and water on his skin? That was once! But a short time ago it was considered unmanly to deal with topics such as cosmetics and personal care. That has changed as the current sales figures for male grooming products prove. Cosmetics for men is no longer taboo. Indeed, according to a study by the British research institute Mintel, 65 percent of all men attach importance to an attractive, well-groomed appearance. For about 50 percent of men, beauty even comes first.

In contrast to the female skin, the male connective tissue is firmer. Because the collagen fibres are criss-crossed with each other. This sturdier structure provides better protection against environmental influences and wrinkles often occur later in men’s clothing. Nevertheless, the even male skin should be sufficiently cared for.

The daily care of male skin


  • Creams for men should contain a lower fat content. Because men tend to produce more sebum than women, which can lead to blocked sebaceous glands and thus to pimples. Mild washing gels and scrubs should therefore not be missing from the list of male cosmetics.
  • In addition, the male skin layer is one fifth thicker than that of a woman, which is why she wants to be supplied with a lot of moisture.
  • The daily shave is a challenge for the male skin, as it is constantly stressed. In order to avoid pimples and redness and to soothe the skin after shaving, the face should be creamed with a mild after-shave lotion (without alcohol).
  • Even the shave itself should be tailored to the skin type. A dry shave is recommended for men who tend to pimples, as a dry shave irritates the skinless. To prepare for the shave exfoliation is well suited, as it also immediately ingrown whiskers is removed.

Bold men

Especially fearless men go further. They tighten their lips or wear lip gloss. They have their nails manicured and use anti-aging products. In America, even more, and more masters of creation are seen with painted toenails.

To summarize: Men’s cosmetics are on the rise. Almost every week, a new personal care product appears specifically for the man in the market. Because the care awareness of men is growing, which automatically increases the demand for these products.

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