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CONJUNCTIVITIS: Causes, Signs and Treatment


Conjunctivitis Definition: Conjunctivitis is inflammation of conjunctive tissue in the eye which protects the eye from foreign pathogens. The conjunctivitis of the eye is one of the most common complaints in eye surgery. In red, glued, and watery eyes, the most probable diagnosis is conjunctivitis. Babies especially often suffer from these symptoms. Frequent causes of a pathogen-induced conjunctivitis are viruses. Children and infants are also more likely to have bacteria. However, many other causes, such as dry eyes or dust, can also cause conjunctivitis.

The conjunctive tissue is a protective mucous membrane, which extends over the inner margin of the eyelids and over the eyeball which is visible to the outside. It plays a role in the distribution of the tear film and in the defence from pathogens. In conjunctival inflammation, the otherwise transparent layer rotates because the body tries to fight inflammation by increased blood flow.

Usually, a conjunctival inflammation is relatively harmless and decays spontaneously after a period of 10 to 14 days. Nevertheless, there are diseases whose symptoms are very similar to conjunctivitis and which can be quite dangerous for the eye and vision. It is very important that, for example, an acute green star or an inflammation of the deeper eye layers such as the rainbow skin or the cornea are excluded.


Conjunctivitis Causes: There are many different causes for conjunctivitis. It can be triggered by pathogens, can occur as a result of an allergy, or can only be due to environmental or dry eyes. Depending on the cause, the symptoms and the treatment of the inflammation of the conjunctiva differ.

  1. Bacteria as a cause: A conjunctival infection caused by bacteria occurs more rarely in the adult age, as a rule, children are more affected by this. Bacterial conjunctival infections usually begin in only one eye and are characterized by a purulent, yellowish-green secretion. The inflammation can also affect both eyes. The affected eye is often glued in the morning hours and the lids thickened.
  2. Viruses as a cause: Among the infectious conjunctival infections, the virus-induced form is the most common. Usually, a viral conjunctival infection without treatment follows without a trace. A cold with so-called adenoviruses, however, can lead to conjunctivitis. Usually, the affected persons complain about typical cold symptoms such as fever, throat pain and thickened lymph nodes on the neck, on which the conjunctival inflammation then grafted. 
  3. Allergy-related conjunctivitis: In the spring, many people suffer from a hay fever, with their eyes itching and running because of a grass or pollen allergy. Then one speaks in the technical language of a Rhinoconjunctivitis. In the allergic form of the inflammation of the conjunctivae the eye usually soaks with a clear fluid without pus.
  4. Conjunctivitis by contact lenses: Contact lens carriers have an increased risk of contracting inflammation of the conjunctiva since mechanical friction can result from dirt or the lens itself. In addition, dirt and bacteria can accumulate under the contact lens, which then causes conjunctivitis. When first signs of conjunctival inflammation occur, the contact lenses should be removed immediately and should not be used until the symptoms have subsided.



Conjunctivitis Symptoms: The leading symptom of conjunctival inflammation is a red, drinking eye. Those affected will feel a burning or itching in the eyes as if there are foreign bodies or sand in the eye. Especially in the morning hours, the eyelids are often swollen and glued and in the corners of the eye, there is secreted secretion. This secretion may be purulent, watery or mucous. The eyes can also be light-sensitive and otherwise well-tolerable sources of light dazzle the affected persons strongly. Incomplete corneal inflammation can also cause severe pain.


Conjunctivitis Treatment: A simple conjunctival inflammation usually heals without consequences. Sometimes medications can speed up a cure.

  • If bacteria are the cause, the doctor usually prescribes an eye ointment or eye drops, which contain an antibiotic.
  • Against chlamydia, a special antibiotic helps. The treatment of gonococci is just as special. These two forms of conjunctival inflammation should be performed stationary, since the therapy must be effective throughout the body.
  • Viral conjunctivitis is usually more lengthy, but usually, heals without medication. However, treatment with herpes viruses should be medication.
  • In the case of an allergy, the person concerned should first avoid contact with the trigger. If this is not possible, so-called antihistamines can slow the allergic reaction.
  • A dry eye as the cause of conjunctival inflammation can be treated with eye drops, which represent an artificial tear substitute.
  • Some drops contain vasoconstrictor drugs and should not be applied too long. Too long a treatment can trigger a devil circle since the narrow vessels can, in turn, trigger a dry eye and thus conjunctivitis. A short-term application, however, is unproblematic.
  • Accompanying medicinal therapy, anti-inflammatory homoeopathic remedies can be used. However, treatment with homoeopathy alone should not be used for conjunctivitis.
  • No home remedies should be used for the treatment of conjunctivitis.

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