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Cold Prevention – Attention in the office

Cold Prevention – Attention in the office

Unfortunately, those who deal with many people also have to reckon with potential contagion risks for viruses and bacteria. In diseases that are transmitted by droplet infection, in a sneezing, the ‘badges’ can be distributed up to five meters. According to a recent study, viruses located at the door handle can be spread across the office in just four hours. To stay healthy, a few trifles can do a lot. Here are 10 tips:

Take care of the hands

  1. Stay away from virus spammers

No ballpoint pen replacement, do not pass on the phone and certainly not use foreign keyboards or mobile devices such as tablets or phones. Doorknobs must be served from time to time. Do it with your elbow. In principle, the same applies to light switches, copiers or buttons in the elevator. Avoid coming into direct contact with your fingers. Otherwise you get a lot of viruses on your own palm.

Not every “bacillus” can be kept away from your own hand. That’s why you should not hold your hand unnecessarily in the face. Because that causes viruses and bacteria to enter the mucous membranes and cause illness.

  1. Hand washing – and right!

Rub soap for about 30 seconds, also thoroughly into the interdental spaces. Rinse thoroughly under lukewarm water and then, if possible, dry with disposable towels.

  1. Not hand but elbow bend

From politeness one has always learned before, one should take the hand at the mouth when coughing. For reasons of hygiene, however, the elbow bend is preferable.

  1. Handshake prohibited

Not out of mistrust, but certainly for hygienic reasons should be at least in the particularly cold-strained time waive a handshake as possible.

  1. Caution with disinfectants

The skin also has positive bacteria. When using disinfectants, these “good” bacteria are also killed. The hands also dry out very quickly. Because of the strong effect of disinfectants, the hands can also be more likely to crack and so wounds. It is better to simply wash your hands regularly.

Take care of the room

  1. ventilate

The recommendation is to ventilate at least three times or four times a day for ten minutes each. This brings back fresh, unused air into her lungs and some of the bacilli are thereby put in front of the door. In addition, they can control the room temperature. The ideal temperature in the office should be around 20 degrees Celsius. So, down with the heater, because the heating air dries out the mucous membranes.

  1. Room plants

In order to ensure a healthy indoor climate as possible, plants are simply important.- It has now been proven that less bacteria through the air, buzzing ‘by plants.

Right food and drink

  1. chicken soup

It may sound a bit “trite”, but the good old chicken soup can actually have an anti-inflammatory effect and thus strengthen the immune system.

  1. Enough drink

Even if one is not exactly drinking in the winter, one should absolutely pay attention to sufficient hydration. So the mucous membranes can be kept moist, which, as already said, with “heating air” is not so easy.


  1. Fresh air and sun

A short walk in the fresh air helps to fill up on daylight and do something for the vitamin D household. He also benefits her immune system.


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