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Cold - now in time to prevent

Cold – now in time to prevent

Cold – now in time to prevent

The weather in autumn and winter is the greatest risk of catching a cold – how can I protect myself from it?

Sore throat, runny nose, cough, hoarseness – for an adult are two to four infections a year, normal ‘. Of course, the course of a cold can be individually very different. Normally, that is, if there are no complications, the symptoms improve after three to seven days and after two weeks they should be virtually gone. How can I distinguish a cold from a flu? Is there effective protection? And what helps in the fall and winter as a prevention?

The difference between cold and flu

Of course, many symptoms of cold and flu are the same or at least very similar. Thus, it is not always so easy to see whether you only have a cold or a real influenza. In the case of the flu, the symptoms usually appear very suddenly. Also, fatigue and fatigue are more pronounced than with the common cold. In addition, the flu often causes headaches and body aches. High fever of at least 38.5 degrees Celsius, sometimes over 40 degrees Celsius, is more likely to occur with a flu. But what is the trigger – virus or bacterium?

Virus or bacteria

Influenza is an infectious disease caused by viruses of the genera influenza virus A or B and marks the “true flu”. Sometimes the term “influenza infection” is used for a cold. The common cold is an infection caused by viruses, which is partly caused by bacteria. Since both the flu and the cold are infectious diseases, hypothermia, stress, lack of sleep and other illnesses can make them more susceptible to colds. Why? Because it weakens the immune system. And how do you prevent it?

Prevent colds

Without oxygen and light, the body produces fewer antibodies. Therefore, a daily walk is a good way to prevent colds. In addition, constant heating dries the room air. A dry room air makes the droplet germs feel more comfortable, because they can be stirred up more easily and thus be inhaled more easily. At the same time, the heating air also dries out the human mucous membranes. This also makes pathogens easier.

Colds and flu infections are transmitted by droplet infection. So to be in closed rooms, where there are still a lot of people in a small space, is a significantly increased risk of becoming infected with someone.

Respond to symptoms of a cold in time

“We never feel limp for no reason, the body would like to tell us something,” says family doctor Hans-Michael Mühlenfeld (chairman of the family doctors association Bremen). Simply throwing in painkillers or a stimulant at the very first symptoms and continue as usual is the best way to be flat sooner or later.


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