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Cholera: causes, symptoms and treatments!

Cholera: causes, symptoms and treatments!

Cholera: causes, symptoms and treatments!

Ladies and gentlemen, we know that Cholera is a severe condition and often the symptoms of Cholera can be almost invisible or highly unlikely to be detected. This is why we have compiled in this article, the definition of Cholera that explains what is cholera, what causes cholera, some cholera prevention tips, the transmission of Cholera and the treatments of Cholera or any cholera vaccines as prescribed by doctors as well as home remedies. Please read on to take full benefit of this article and get a chance to understand this disease:

Definition of cholera: What is cholera?

Let’s define cholera; Cholera is known as a drastic or severe condition that is widespread around certain developing areas of the globe and is also an infectious disease. Cholera is caused by a virus known as the Vibrio cholera virus which infects the intestines. Scientific research shows that around 3-5 million people get infected with the disease and almost about 2% of the infected people die due to cholera.

Causes of Cholera: What causes cholera?

The bacterium, which causes cholera, enters the human body through the mouth. It is often found in food and water which has impurities such as human waste because of poor sanitary or unhygienic conditions of living. It is also common for the cholera virus to be found in seafood which has remained partially or wholly raw. The vegetable which thrives in contaminated water may also be at risk of having the cholera virus and sometimes also when they are not properly cleaned. It is possible that, in areas where there is little to no water or highly unsanitary conditions (such as those of refugee camps, military camps and developing areas), this virus thrives and one single infected victim may cause an entire community to get the disease.

Symptoms of cholera: what are cholera symptoms?

It is estimated according to scientific research that only about 5% of cholera infections are potentially fatal. However, most times cholera affected people do not show symptoms at all. It is noticed that symptoms will typically show within the first five days of getting the infection. These symptoms of cholera are extreme nausea and vomiting, some patients experience cramps in their legs and a case of severe watery diarrhoea may follow. Severe dehydration is bound to occur with cholera and the symptoms of cholera due to dehydration may include a dry mouth and chapped lips, decreased rate of secretion and lightheadedness. Other symptoms such as loose skin, sunken eyes, low blood pressure and you may also be losing weight fast.

Treatments for cholera: How to treat cholera?

As it is known that the immediate cause of death with cholera is severe dehydration, the doctor will make sure that you are properly hydrated and are given sufficient ORD which is an oral hydration solution. It is not necessary to use medicated ORS as homemade recipes are also used to make this mixture which helps an incredible amount in cholera treatments. Your doctor may also prescribe certain cholera medications such as antibiotics but that is to be given with extreme precaution and the doctor’s professional judgment. This is because patients may end up developing antibiotic resistance.

Cholera prevention: how to prevent cholera?

  • It is important that you use clean water and drink only boiled water.
  • Ensure proper cleanliness of your body, especially your hands. Make sure you are always in a sanitary condition.
  • Make sure you properly cook your food and do not leave anything raw. Make sure you eat your food while it’s hot. Cooking and eating in a safe environment is also very heavily advised.
  • You might also find that getting vaccinated may help a lot if you are travelling to an unsafe place or might be living in unhygienic conditions.

Cholera: causes, symptoms and treatments!


As we have listed above the causes of Cholera as well as the symptoms of Cholera or the signs of Cholera, please make sure that you are fully aware of your condition before taking any action. It is also recommended that when you get any of the symptoms of cholera listed above, you take medical help from a doctor. However, we hope that the treatment for Cholera, any cholera vaccination and the home remedies for Cholera ORS mentioned above will help you through your condition.

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