Cave of the Lions: Pony Puffin is out of stock

Cave of the Lions: Pony Puffin is out of stock

Cave of the Lions: Pony Puffin is out of stock

Not long ago, the hair accessories Pony Puffin was presented in the show “Cave of the Lions”. Now the product is already sold out online everywhere.

With the Pony Puffin, women should be able to conjure up more volume in the hair in no time at all. Whether in the office, at sports or in rock out on the dance floor – the Pony Puffin, a Haarhelferlein plastic should sit. Thus at least inventor Elena Musiol advertises and was able to convince investor Judith Williams in the TV show “Cave of the Lions”.

Cave of the Lions: Pony Puffin is largely sold outThe Pony Puffin is currently a real selling hit on the Internet.
Photo: Manufacturer
This asked Elena and her husband for the pony Puffin a deal in the amount of 65,000 euros for 49 percent of company shares. The couple happily accepted.

Now the Pony Puffin seems to have become a trend accessory for the hair . Because in all shops, in which the small pink or transparent Nupsi should normally be available, it is currently sold out. These shops include for example, HSE24, Amazon as well as the shop

Both the Pony Puffin Original and the Crystal model are currently no longer available on the net. Although we can not say right now whether there are not some dm stores in one or the other product, but probably offers here a similar picture as in the online shops. It seems like a lot of hype is developing here.


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