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Bring your metabolism to full speed: How to tap your fat stores

Bring your metabolism to full speed: How to tap your fat stores

Bring your metabolism to full speed: How to tap your fat stores

Some talk about wanting to boost their metabolism. The others say: The bad metabolism is to blame that the desired weight can not be achieved. What does it actually mean? Experts explain how to activate the metabolism and what harm.

There is no metabolism. Each cell in the body has its own metabolism, explains Prof. Matthias Weber, spokesman for the German Society of Endocrinology (DGE). Substances are transported to cells in the body, recycled and transported away – a number of biochemical processes take place in the body.

“All the individual processes must work together,” adds Prof. Ingo Froböse of the German Sport University Cologne. He compares this to an orchestra: every instrument – every cell – plays for itself, but all together make the music. If one of the participants does not play along properly, that has an impact on the big picture. When it comes to weight loss , one usually speaks of the energy metabolism.

Can the energy metabolism be boosted?

Yes, it works. The metabolism needs work to start burning up the fat. The less he is required, the less he works. “It’s a bit like a car – it’s always in the garage and is not driven, then it will eventually rust,” explains Froböse. The most important thing is exercise, the muscles are the largest organ of metabolism. Energy is consumed by exercise, and strong muscles consume more of the rest, says Weber. “It used to be a lot of endurance training, but today we recommend a combination of endurance and strength training.”

What is not good for the metabolism?

Sure, the opposite is the lack of movement. But in fact, there is also an enemy of metabolism, which many are not on the list: Radical diets bring the metabolism in the long term to a standstill. They put the body in a kind of state of emergency, the metabolism goes down. Who makes drastic diets too often forces his energy metabolism in the long run in the knee. Froböse knows a woman who has made so many diets that her basal metabolic rate is only 800 kilocalories. In other words, if she does not want to gain weight, she is allowed to eat a maximum of two rolls a day.

What is the basal metabolic rate?

Normally, the basal metabolic rate should be around 1600 to 2500 kilocalories, says Froböse. And everyone knows them: The good feed-users, who always eat well and stay slim and fit. These people probably just have a good basal metabolic rate. They feed well, but do not put the body in a famine. And they give their metabolism work – for example by running stairs in everyday life or regular sports.

Of course some people simply have a better metabolism than others, for example, through a genetically conditioned strong muscles. Incidentally, one’s own basal metabolic rate can be measured with a respiratory gas analysis at some fitness institutes or sports physicians.

How can the metabolism be influenced by the diet?

Froböse recommends to pay attention to the time of day. In the morning, then properly fueled, so fat and carbohydrates. At noon, nutrients are on the program and in the evening protein. Energy does not need the body just before going to sleep.

And Froböse advises to take breaks in the metabolism between meals. “It’s important not to eat anything for four to five hours,” says the sports scientist. How your body reacts to that is individually different, says Silke Restemeyer from the German Nutrition Society . The decisive factor is the energy balance.

Are there any foods that affect your metabolism?

Hot spices such as chilli and ginger increase body temperature and thus activate the metabolism. “And protein, protein, is a real metabolism turbo, because the processing needs a lot of energy,” adds Froböse.

Does drinking a lot of water have a positive effect on your metabolism?

That it is important to drink enough is beyond question. Scientifically proven is a metabolism-stimulating effect or a large impact on body weight but not, as the experts confirm. Anyone who drinks a glass of cold water, of course, uses a bit of energy, says Weber. Finally, the water must be brought to body temperature. This consumption is minimal. Nevertheless, it is a well-known trick that people who want to lose weight drink water before eating or in between, explains Rememeyer. “Because the fluid fills the stomach, and the feeling of satiety is more likely.”

What’s up with the so-called metabolic age?

Strictly speaking, this is nonsense: because most cells have no biological age because they are constantly renewing themselves. The origin of the term probably lies in the fact that the metabolism decreases a little in old age. But even that is individually very different – and can be influenced



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