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BMI calculator: Is your weight in the green range?

BMI calculator: Is your weight in the green range?

BMI calculator: Is your weight in the green range?

With our BMI calculator you can quickly and easily calculate your body mass index (BMI). Just enter your weight (in kilograms) and your height (in centimeters) and you will see if your weight is in the green range.

Height in cm:
Body weight in kg:
Your body mass index
BMI rating
under 18.5 underweight
18.5 – 24.9 normal weight
25 – 29.9 overweight
over 30 strong overweight

Note: The calculator is only suitable for persons over 19 years.


Too thick? What the BMI says

“Obesity, which is the overweight requiring treatment, is defined as an excess of body fat,” says graduate oecotrophologist Dr. med. Stefanie Gerlach of the German Obesity Society (DAG). But body fat is difficult to measure – not even with a body fat scale. In fact, there are different definitions for obesity. Many of us still know the so-called Broca index, which sets the normal weight at “height (in cm) minus 100”. Since this formula seems very arbitrary, it was replaced a few years ago by the BMI, which is now also recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Recently, values such as waist-hip quotient or abdominal circumference are increasingly taken into account for the assessment of overweight. The different definitions show that the limit,

Physique remains unconsidered

The body mass index was developed in the 19th century by the Belgian mathematician Adolphe Quételet. It is based on the formula of body weight (in kilograms) divided by body size (in meters) squared. The result is a value between 19 and 25 in normal weight. Overlying values are usually overweight. From a BMI of 30 one speaks of overweight requiring treatment (= obesity). Since the BMI does not consider the physique, he is often criticized as inadequate. For example, people with high muscle mass, such as bodybuilders, have a relatively high body mass index, even though they hardly have any body fat. The BMI can therefore only be used as a guide.

Dick is not the same size

Excessive fat pads will only be a problem if they harm people. Many women feel too fat without being overweight by definition. Conversely, many people feel well with a BMI over 25. In fact, high body weight does not always hurt.So a large muscle mass is considered unproblematic and even the body fat does not always harm. It has been known for some years that the lower fat in the abdominal cavity in particular promotes the development of various diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or lipid metabolism disorders. Riding pants or bacon on legs and buttocks are considered relatively harmless. Other studies have shown that physical fitness also plays a big role: if you carry a few pounds too much with you, but exercise regularly,

Waist circumference instead of BMI

However, the BMI is not without significance. Thus, a value between 25 and 30 is considered a slight overweight.”In this area you do not necessarily lose weight,” says Stefanie Gerlach. Anyone who determines a BMI in this area, but should at least know that his health may be at risk. “If there are already nutrition-related illnesses or if the waist circumference is increased, the weight should be reduced,” says the expert. In women, the waist circumference should not exceed 80 centimeters (cm), in men not more than 94 cm. At least from a value of 88 cm (women) or 102 cm (men) there is an increased risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke. From a BMI of 30, however, there is little doubt that the limit to obesity has been reached:

The BMI in children – extremely complicated

For children, the diagnosis of being overweight is even more complicated, since a higher or a lower body mass index is considered “normal” depending on age and gender. Although the BMI is initially calculated using the same formula as for adults. Whether it is in the normal range, can only be determined with a comparison table, for example, the pediatrician. More important than the display of the balance is anyway the physical and mental development: If the child can run without problems, climb and keep up in the sport and does not suffer from teasing, too much worry is unnecessary.

For children and adolescents aged 1-18 years, specific reference tables of the World Health Organization (WHO) apply. To the BMI calculator for children


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