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Best Creams for acne scars | Fashion Trends

Best Creams for acne scars | Fashion Trends

Best Creams for acne scars | Fashion Trends

A large number of people have to live with acne scars, which, depending on the type of acne and skin, are more or less caused by unsightly skin pits.

This often occurring skin irritation, which is developed by inflammation in the deeper layers of the skin, usually lifelong, even if the acne itself has healed. Not only teens with acne and acne scars are plagued: it is estimated that about 80% of all women and men between the ages of twenty and forty, who have long passed the puberty phase, have to struggle with pimples and acne scars.

Blame on these inflammations are bacteria that are present in the pimples. Bruising or attempts to squeeze pimples and blackheads can also lead to inflammation. Mostly, by pressing this pimple, a wound is created, which bleeds. Under the skin is a clot that now lays on the wound. If the bleeding is stopped, the blood vessels of the skin dilate and it is a cure, which usually goes hand in hand with redness and swelling, caused by the body. Over time, new tissue forms, the scar tissue, which manifests itself with discoloration and furrows in the skin: this is because the scar tissue of the skin does not form hair, sweat glands or sebaceous glands, making the scar appear lighter than the skin remaining skin.

Those who have struggled through the acne period’s suffering will not be able to improve their self-esteem with the permanent appearance of the acne scar. The affected patients often suffer from considerable distress and depression and although most people are willing to do something about these acne scars, treatments of this kind are usually not covered by private or public health insurance.

The way to the doctor is inevitable in these cases. A specialist will take a close look at the patient’s complexion and, as a result, make a diagnosis. Ointments, creams or gels containing cortisone, vitamins and also estrogens are often recommended for the treatment of acne scars. These creams ensure that the scar tissue is made soft and elastic and prevent further inflammation or kill existing bacteria.
Due to the active ingredients, fresh scars can already show improvement in the healing phase after a few days, depending on their intensity. The sooner you take action against acne, the higher your treatment will be. Likewise, of course, the regular and careful use of creams must be followed, so that a regeneration of the skin can go faster. The treatment of acne scars with creams provides an application of the treated skin several times a day, which requires a simultaneous light massage of the affected skin.

So primarily new, but also older scar tissue can be treated. For these skin areas, it is recommended to cover the scars overnight in addition to the cream with a dressing, so that the active ingredients can penetrate more into the scar tissue. The treatment of old acne scars, however, requires patience, as they need more time for a new formation of the skin and must first react to the active ingredients contained in the creams. However, visible results are possible with the weeks or months in many cases.

In contrast to surgery, chemical peels or dermabrasion – abrasion of the upper skin layer – a treatment of acne scars by ointments, creams or gels is a very good alternative, which of course is also possible without ongoing medical attention. The cost factor is relatively inexpensive, unlike other options in the fight against acne and acne scars. For example, while a chemical peel can cost anywhere from € 150 to € 1,500 depending on the area of use and size, acne scar creams can start as low as € 10 or more.

In the fight against the acne scars, however, should not be experimented with any means. Get your skin checked out by an experienced dermatologist. He will be able to give you tips and suggestions on skincare and will prescribe a cream tailored to your skin type.


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