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For Kidney and Bladder - The Goldenrod

Benefits & Side effects of Goldenrod For Kidney and Bladder

Benefits & Side effects of Goldenrod For Kidney and Bladder

The goldenrod, Solidago virgaurea, belongs to the family of the basket-handlers and is mainly located in North America. In the naturopathy, the plant species is used as a medicinal plant predominantly in the renal-bladder apparatus. The Latin name Solidago means “healthy” and provides a reference to the healing effects of the goldenrod.

The plant Goldenrod

The Goldenrod is a perennial, herbaceous plant whose growth height is five to one hundred centimeters, has an upright, below-bare, over-haired stem with alternating leaves and small, yellow, grape-like flowers. There are now a hundred species of goldenrod, all of which are common in North America. For more than 700 years, the gold rod has been used for the treatment of urinary tract infections. Popular names for the goldenrod are also heavenly fires, oxen and Petrusstab.

Ingredients of the goldenrod

The Goldenrod contains the following ingredients:

  • saponin
  • Bittern
  • inulin
  • tannin
  • volatile oil

Glodrute and its effects

At the first signs of bladder inflammation, the goldenrod can provide relief as a tea or ready-made product. In addition to the intake of gold rod, care should be taken to ensure adequate fluid supply, so that the rinsing, diuretic effect can occur. The plant species is also given a blood-purifying, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving healing effect.

Areas of application of medicinal plants

The Goldenrod is applied to:

  • Kidney, bladder and urine
  • Joint pain, rheumatism
  • swollen legs, edema
  • Inflammation of the mouth and throat
  • gout
  • insect bites

Dosage forms of  the goldenrod

The goldenrod is to be used both as tea, tincture and herbal wine. For this purpose the golden rhubarb herb is used at the time of flowering. For a drawing time of 15 to 20 minutes, the tea should not be taken more than four times a day. In the case of existing insect bites, the goldenrod can be placed on the wound site. In the case of inflammation of the throat, the Indians have already chewed on the flowers in order to obtain a pain-relieving effect.

Side effects and side effects

The use of goldenrod can in rare cases trigger allergic reactions and lead to gastrointestinal symptoms. Interactions with other agents are currently unknown.

Scientifically Proven: The Stimulus Bubble: Cause, Diagnosis and Therapy of Permanent Urination

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