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Barrier-free - why today so important?

Barrier-free – why today so important?

Barrier-free – why today so important?

In a population survey, half of all citizens stated that barrier-free medical practice was important or even very important to them. What does accessibility mean? Why is she important to so many people today? According to BÄK (German Medical Association), it is a major concern of physicians, as far as possible to enable all people unhindered access to their practice. Therefore, the ÄZQ (Medical Center for Quality in Medicine) has published a short information on this important topic.

Which means barrier-free

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Disability Equality Act stipulate that barriers should be removed. Patients with disabilities should not rely on help to visit a doctor’s office. If facilities are good for all people, then this can be barrier-free.

For whom important?

But not only for physically disabled or mentally disabled people accessibility is important. Of a practice with little or no barriers, especially older patients have something. Similarly, a barrier-free medical practice can be an enormous relief for parents with small children. And how patients with a temporary restriction enjoy accessibility – just think of a cast leg.

When is the practice barrier-free?

Before the practice:

All access to the practice should not only be at ground level, but also well lit and contain no tripping hazards. A legible signage should also be mentioned in this context. The bell should also be easy to reach for wheelchair users. The front door is so wide that even wheelchair users can pass it comfortably. Parking, and if possible also disabled parking, should be available in practice.

In practice:

Of course, the practice itself must be at ground level. If not, at least one lift, ramp or stairlift should be available. All doors should be easy to open, of course, an automatic door opener is optimal.

If you encounter problems

Anyone encountering barriers or obstacles in the form of steps, missing signage, or difficulties in understanding on the way to practice should contact the doctor. Even small changes can make accessibility easier for all patients. If the practice is barrier-free, for example, it will also benefit visually impaired, wheelchair users and patients with rollators or pushchairs.


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