Asian Cuisine: Is Asian food healthier than Western?

Asian Cuisine: Is Asian food healthier than Western?

Asian Cuisine: Is Asian food healthier than Western?

Let’s examine some of the main ingredients of foods that Asian cuisine likes and uses a lot.

Rice is a staple food in each of the various countries mentioned. In this function, rice is definitely healthier than wheat products, since these have quite negative effects on the human organism due to lectins and gluten. Even if Chinese consume noodles, these are made from buckwheat, which in turn is better than the bright wheat flour noodles that are so popular in Europe.

Tofu has also become increasingly popular in Europe, especially as part of a vegetarian or vegan diet. Meanwhile, recent studies show that these soybeans are not so healthy because they have a negative impact on thyroid function. Among other things, people who need to take an L-thyroxine because of hypothyroidism, to refrain from soy.

Fish has some ingredients that are important to humans, such as omega-3 fats, protein and even minerals. As fish are in principle preferred over meat, this is a diet that is poorer in animal fats. This, of course, tends to make you healthier.

Algae or kelp is a concentrated source of minerals. Especially as a natural source of iodine, it is a particularly valuable food for the hormone secretion of the thyroid gland.

Soups are so good because they provide the body with plenty of fluids on this way and moreover a saturation effect is achieved. The body gets so on the one hand more fluid, which is good and on the other hand, you eat less, because you are rather tired of the liquid. This advantage is probably obvious.

Ginger is almost an all-rounder in medical terms. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, stimulating, stomach-friendly … So obviously an important factor, why the Asian cuisine is really healthy.

Chili stimulates fat burning, which is not bad either.

Overall, Asian cuisine has many ingredients that promote a healthy diet. Of course, there is no guarantee here either. Not every European feeds unhealthily, just as not every Asian is healthy. But many components in traditional Asian food favor a healthy diet. This is our result of reviewing the typical Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean cuisine.


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