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Are antiperspirants and deodorants safe?

Some antiperspirants and deodorants bear the designation “sport” or “therapeutic action”. Some get prescription, while others end up on the shelves of a pharmacy. This type of product may be useful for people with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) by curbing their sweating and the accompanying odor. And it could be the ally you need on days when the seal is a little more (due to a job interview, participation in a marathon – one of those days when everything could go wrong).

In everyday life, an ordinary preparation will probably suffice. Whether the protection offered by your antiperspirant comes in the “ordinary”, “extra” or “super” version, you still reduce your perspiration by about 20% to 30%. Note that no product will completely remove perspiration.

Is the use of antiperspirants and deodorants safe?

Not so long ago, e-mail carried messages that signaled a link between aluminum in antiperspirants and the risk of breast cancer. The perception of this link may be explained by the warnings against the application of an antiperspirant or deodorant before a mammogram. The residues of these products are likely to appear on X-rays and to be interpreted as mammary abnormalities. So far, the FDA, the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute have stated that there is no scientific or medical data linking these products to breast cancer.

Until now, skin irritation is the only known risk of deodorants or antiperspirants. Most preparations have a balanced ph, which means they are not acidic enough to cause skin reactions. However, anyone who observes the appearance of a rash or skin irritation after use of a product should suspend its application. Never apply antiperspirant or deodorant to a scratch or cut.

What would be natural substitutes?

When it comes to deodorants: you can find products that are hypoallergenic, unscented and have no artificial coloring. It has been difficult for a long time to obtain deodorants based on crystals of mineral salts; those that existed did not apply easily because of their shape similar to that of a stone. But nowadays they go on the skin like any other deodorant.

The practice of good underarm hygiene is a good way to avoid the need to apply a deodorant: ensure that your underarms are dry and clean, and you will be able to space its use without fear. In a pinch, dab your armpits with a wet washcloth sprinkled with baking soda. This product neutralizes the smell!

For antiperspirants: If you are an environmentally friendly person or concerned about the potential health risks of aluminum, it would be best if you completely avoid antiperspirantsPerspiration is one of the natural refreshing mechanisms of our body, so it may be best not to overheat it.


Scientifically Proven: Are antiperspirants and deodorants safe?

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