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APHASIA: Causes, Signs and Treatment

APHASIA: Causes, Signs and Treatment

Doctors talk of speech troubles known as Aphasia if the person concerned is not capable to produce or recognize speech on the intellectual stage accurately. Signs may happen both in the youth and in adults. Voice disorders are restricted by the speech disturbances, for which the production of sounds is impeded for motor reasons.


Aphasia Definition: Aphasia is a collective term for Speech disorders that occur in the mental area. Those concerned are not able to produce or include grammatically accurate sentences. The various forms of speech disorders can be classified into distinct stages of maturation. Those are described below:

  • In the first place, speech disorders are to be mentioned, which result from the fact that in children a healthy language development is strongly or even completely stopped. This can have totally physical problems such as deafness or with mental disabilities. A developmental dysfunction such as early-childhood autism may lead to a lack of language skills.
  • The transition to speech disorders caused by growth obstructions is fluid and the triggers are partly the same. In this situation, the child lags behind age-related speech improvement, which can usually only be understood by concentrated therapies, whereby an absolute balancing of the speech changes is not always possible. The causes can be both physical and purely psychological.
  • On the third level are speech disorders, which are associated with a loss. Especially brain damage can lead to the loss of already acquired language skills at any age or they can no longer be used completely.


Aphasia Causes: Language impairments may have physical or psychological causes.

 For physical reasons, it is also necessary to distinguish whether the brain is affected, for example, by the speech centre itself, or by a different physical trigger.

In children with speech disorders, early brain damage (such as oxygen deficiency at birth) is the cause, as well as other diseases associated with developmental problems, such as autism or Down syndrome. Also, a lack of hearing to numbness often leads to speech disorders, because listening and reproducing is an essential component in the learning of a language. In the sensitive phase in the second and third year of life, recurrent inflammation of the middle ear can make the hearing ability, and thus the speech development, considerably more difficult.

Psychological factors, Language disorders can therefore also be attributed to causes such as an unfavourable sociocultural environment. Children need, for example, to address their own assets. Also, emotional neglect can lead to a language development being simply denied. In addition, it can also occur in children that speech disorders have their causes in brain defects, caused, for example, by an accident with craniocerebral trauma or a tumour.


Aphasia Symptoms:

  • For example, a “G” is always replaced by a “D”.
  • Disorders of vocabulary: The vocabulary is conspicuously low, some terms may be replaced by general places such as “Ding” Or the child is not able to assign concepts to each other.
  • Disorders of grammar: In this form of speech disorder, the words are incorrect. The absence of prefixes also occurs.
  • Disturbances of the textual comprehension and the production of the text may also occur.
  • Pragmatic disturbances: Under this heading, experts, in simple terms, understand the lack of communicative abilities, that is to say, express wishes or emotions in the appropriate situation in an appropriate manner. Such problems often occur in autism, for example.
  • Agrammatical language in aphasia.
  • Phrases and duplication of sentences in the case of aphasia are observed.
  • Individual syllables, words or phrases are repeated.
  • Disorders of the speech flow in aphasia.
  • Symptoms also include the inability to follow other people’s narratives.
  • Disorders of ability to read and write.



Aphasia Treatment:  Regardless of which speech disorders are present, the treatment essentially consists of a speech therapy which is performed by speech therapists or speech therapists. In principle, it should start as early as possible, ie directly after the diagnosis.

In the case of childhood developmental disorders, speech therapy is performed playfully. It starts from the diagnosed state and refers to the normal course of the speech acquisition in the order of the exercises. Practically speaking, the speech therapist or speech therapist offers language stimuli to the child. In speech disorders, the treatment can extend over a very long period of time and is ideally terminated when the child has largely consulted his or her age partner in language development.

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