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Anxiety Attack: Causes, symptoms and treatment options!

Anxiety Attack: Causes, symptoms and treatment!

Anxiety Attack: Causes, symptoms and treatment options!

Ladies and gentlemen, as we already know, anxiety is one of the many problems plaguing the majority of the population. Therefore, to increase your knowledge about anxiety and give yourself a general self-diagnosis, we have an article which defines anxiety, as the causes of anxiety, the symptoms of anxiety and the anti anxiety medication or treatment of anxiety required to counter this problem. If you want to learn more, take a look below:

Definition of anxiety: what is anxiety?

Anxiety is a general term which is used to describe the many disorders and mental illnesses associated with being anxious, nervous, feeling overwhelmed and overpowered and having a general sense of restlessness. Anxiety comes as a disease in the form of many types, these are listed below:

Type of anxiety:

Panic disorder:

A panic disorder generally constitutes a feeling of dread or terror that refuses to go away without cause. You might get anxiety attacks or panic attacks that follow with this type of disorder. During a panic attack, you might feel irregular breathing (as if you are choking), abnormal heart rate or heart beat palpitations, you might experience sweating accompanied with chest pains as well.

Generalized anxiety disorder:

Generalized anxiety disorder happens when you are feeling an excessive amount of nervousness or dread with unrealistic worries that may plague your mind. This might happen without any reason at all.

Social Anxiety Disorder:

This is the phobia of going out and associating with people because of an insecurity or worry regarding your own self and the environment around you. This is accompanied by a feeling of self-consciousness associated with the feeling of being watched or judged.


Certain phobias also exist such as a fear of heights or how some people are afraid of water and never learn to swim. Thus causing you to go out of your way to avoid everyday situations, this might even cause hurdles in your life.

Anxiety Attack: Causes, symptoms and treatment options!

Causes of anxiety and anxiety disorders:

It is shown by recent studies that a family history of mental conditions or illnesses that relate to anxiety may cause you to inherit these conditions. This could also happen because of who you are as a person and the ways that you have been brought up in your childhood. If you have recently encountered something very tiring or stressful, for example, a chronic illness befell you, or you might have relocated to a whole new environment and set up, or a traumatic event has recently gone by and you are not able to shake off it’s after effects or pregnancy or death of a loved one may cause people to develop certain traits which link to anxiety disorders. Sometimes physical health also plays a vital role in developing a mental illness linked to anxiety, for example, chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or asthma etc can cause you to stay stressed and affect your mental well-being. It is commonly known that people who do substance abuse are more likely to encounter anxiety attacks and anxiety disorders.

Symptoms of anxiety: what are the symptoms of anxiety disorders?

Commonly the symptoms of anxiety are the feelings of dread and unease, this might cause some people to become restless and start playing with their hands or just not being able to stay calm. People might also experience sleep cycle fluctuations and sleep deprivation as one of the symptoms of anxiety. Other symptoms such as heart palpitations, sweating, nausea and chest pains might occur during the disorder or they might come in the form of panic attacks or anxiety attacks.

Anxiety Attack: Causes, symptoms and treatment options!

Treatment for anxiety: anxiety medication and the therapy solution!

The first part of treatment comes with managing the symptoms effectively. This means you need to bring certain changes into your lifestyle such as eating right and maintaining a healthy diet while cutting on sugars and caffeine, exercising daily even if for 30 minutes only and getting proper sleep of 8 hours every day will make dealing with anxiety so much easier.

Doctors might recommend taking antidepressants or anti anxiety medication but these should only be taken when need be or for severe anxiety attacks. Psychotherapy is also an option and it is a successful solution to an ongoing problem. We do urge that you consult your doctor before you try to get into any treatment option.


Anxiety is a real issue and anxiety disorders and panic attacks are no jokes. We hope that our list of anxiety causes has given you a wider perspective and will allow you to make changes in your life for the better. If you experience any of these anxiety symptoms, please do consult your doctor before taking the path of any anxiety treatment.


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