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Anorexia: causes, symptoms and treatments

Anorexia: causes, symptoms and treatments

Anorexia: causes, symptoms and treatments

Ladies and gentlemen, a possible life-threatening condition that many people suffer from is the disorder Anorexia nervosa. To help you in understanding and them combating this disorder, we will define anorexia nervosa, identify the causes of anorexia and the symptoms of anorexia as well as help you take preventive measures and anorexia recovery tips and tricks. We will also give you an insight of the anorexia medications and anorexia treatment options. If you are interested, please take a look below:

Anorexia definition: what is anorexia?

Let’s define anorexia nervosa. The anorexia nervosa definition states that Anorexia nervosa, commonly termed as Anorexia, is a psychological eating disorder which suggests that a person has extremely low body mass index (BMI) thus having a very low weight and fat content in the body which rises due to insecurities and certain concerns that people have. Anorexia has very harmful side effects which we will discuss in detail below. Let’s explain some types of anorexia:

Types of anorexia:

Binge type Anorexia (Purge Type Anorexia):

This is a type of anorexia that entails the person immediately throwing up or “purging” the food that they eat from their body because of the overwhelming feelings of guilt and insecurity about their weight. Most people compensate by vomiting, exercising too much and too frequently or abusing laxatives.

Restrictive Anorexia:

This is a type of Anorexia that entails the person willingly trying to limit their food intake to a scarce amount so as to not gain any weight which is similar to starving yourself because the body’s daily caloric intake is not fulfilled.

Anorexia: causes, symptoms and treatments

Causes of anorexia: what are the causes of Anorexia?

The causes of Anorexia could result from environmental factors such as our media and the culture that they portray. Most of our media portrays that skinny women are more attractive which has caused body issues and self-esteem trouble for a lot of young people in the community. Thus people feel an added pressure to look perfect by any means necessary if it means that they are deemed attractive. Modeling, ballet, gymnastics and other professional careers generally make sure that any person who makes progress in the field is skinny which can cause anorexia. Peer-pressure also plays an important role in putting that pressure on people to look perfect to feel attractive which might lead to Anorexia.

Some psychological factors also result from childhood trauma such as loss of a loved one, domestic issues or sexual abuse and harassment thus it can be another cause of anorexia.

Symptoms of Anorexia: what are Anorexia symptoms?

A person who is always dieting despite being healthy or “skinny” could be suffering from anorexia. Symptoms of Anorexia such as an obsession with calorie and fat contents of food, having abnormal eating times and amounts, hiding food or being fixated on certain foods are also to be noticed. A loss of menstruation in women for three cycles or irregular and abnormal menstruation may be a sign of Anorexia. Thinning of hair might also result from Anorexia. Always being depressed, constant state of fatigue and lethargy or always trying to isolate one’s self may be other symptoms of Anorexia.

Treatment for anorexia: what are anorexia treatment methods?

Anorexia may be a very horrible condition to be in, but a person can come back from it. Anorexia recovery is possible but you will need to use certain anorexia tips to work through this. You need to educate yourself about normal eating patterns and pay attention to the needs of your body and not how important it is for it to look “skinny”. You need to have a balanced diet and you need constant supervision to ensure that you act upon and don’t make a relapse. Your mental health as well as your physical health depends upon the fact that you are healthy and taking care of your body.

If your Anorexia gets worse, you will need to take medical attention as soon as possible so that any harm that this anorexia nervosa disorder might give you shall be prevented. Your doctors, dieticians and therapists are the best possible way to work through Anorexia.

Anorexia: causes, symptoms and treatments


Anorexia is a real disorder and it is a serious one. If you or anyone is suffering from it then you need to take immediate action and take steps to protect your loved ones. Thus we hope that these causes of anorexia, symptoms of anorexia, anorexia recovery tips and anorexia treatment options do come in handy for you.

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