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ANEURYSM: Types,, Signs and Treatment!


Aneurysm Definition: An aneurysm is a diseased sacking of a blood vessel. Usually, this affects an artery. The section of the artery is widened at the affected site. An aneurysm may be either congenital or acquired. In the latter case, it arises in the course of life. Aneurysms can be detected in most cases by means of an ultrasound examination. However, since not all sections of the peripheral arteries and the large body beat arteries can be detected with this method, computed tomography (CT) is used for a more accurate diagnosis.

Types of Aneurysm: Aneuryms types totally depends on the location where the issue iis found. An arterial occlusion occurs particularly frequently in the area of the main impact arteries. In this case, the medicine speaks of an aortic aneurysm. If this site is still within the thoracic cavity, this is referred to as a thoracic aneurysm. If, however, the aneurysm can be localized in the abdomen, the medicine speaks of a belly aortic aneurysm. Another place where an aneurysm may occur are the arteries of the brain. This is referred to by the medicine as a cerebral or an intracranial aneurysm. Arterial sacking may also occur in the area of the knee. This is referred to as a pop-litea aneurysm.


Aneurysm  Symptoms: Many sufferers who suffer from an aneurysm do not know this because in most cases an arterial sack does not cause any discomfort at first. First symptoms occur only when the enlargement of the artery has progressed so strongly that it presses on internal organs. For example, the following symptoms may occur in an aneurysm in the chest :

  • to cough
  • difficulties swallowing
  • difficulty breathing
  • hoarseness
  • Circulatory disorders in the arms

If, however, the aneurysm is located in the region of the heart wall, cardiac arrhythmia or cardiac insufficiency may indicate an arterial sacking.

An Aneurysm is accompanied by violent symptoms when it splits or tears the vessel wall . As a result, the affected person usually feels very strong and persistent pain at this point. Characteristic for a belly aortic aneurysm are thus, for example, pain in the flanks, which can radiate into the legs or the back. In addition, it can also lead to pain in the abdomen. If an aneurysm rips freely into the abdomen, there is a great danger of dying of internal bleeding. Should an aneurysm of the main impact lines tear in the chest area, severe pain can arise, which reminds the symptoms of a heart attack.

A life-threatening and acute heart weakness can occur when the vessel wall cleaves at the aorta close to the heart and causes bleeding in the heart bag. If aneurysms begin to bleed in the area of the brain arteries, this leads to severe and sudden headache, face pain and nausea. The affected person may also become unconscious.

Some aneurysms can not cause any symptoms or complications for a lifetime. If, however, they are discovered during routine examinations, regular follow-up examinations are important in order to be able to detect a change or aneurysm in a timely manner.



Aneurysm Treatment: Nowadays different methods are available for the treatment of aneurysms. The choice of therapy depends on the size and position of an aneurysm. For example, in an abdominal aortic aneurysm with a diameter of fewer than four centimetres, one can wait in some cases first and control the course by means of an annual ultrasound examination. If, however, the aneurysm is larger than four centimetres, it is useful to carry out half-yearly checks.

  • Aneurysm Surgery: Treatment of an aneurysm, however, involves surgery in most cases. In this case, the affected vessel section is replaced by a vascular prosthesis by the vascular surgeon. Alternatively, it can also insert a stent (a metal tube) into the affected blood vessel to stabilize it. If an aneurysm is present in the head, two methods are generally suitable with the so-called coiling or clipping. In coiling, the surgeon closes the vascular bagging with a platinum spiral. On clipping, however, the vessel is closed with a clip. If an aneurysm is localized in the knee-throat artery, a bypass surgery is generally considered as a treatment. In this case, the surgeon transplants a piece of a blood vessel, which has previously been taken from another body site, thereby circumventing the aneurysm. The basic aim of any therapy in an aneurysm is to stabilize the affected vessel wall in such a way as to prevent cracking.

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