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A taut butt is one of the beautiful features of every slender woman. He is also an absolute sex symbol, which achieves an extraordinary effect on the other sex. The only confirmed the view of the female curves of Monica Belluci and other consorts with media presence. But a tight bottom is not necessarily synonymous with a slim figure because the bounce shapely curves do not arise by itself. However, Po-wonders can come true with a few targeted tricks and some specific exercises.

It does not work without movement

You always think that losing weight is easy, but not necessarily looking in the mirror is always a sense of achievement. Critically one regards oneself his body and finds here and there a pointless, excess Fettröllchen, which should be necessarily eliminated. Even if you try hundreds of diets, and perhaps even pass them successfully, they do not cause a nice, tight bottom. Because exercise and physical exercise are the ultimate when you do not want to continue dreaming only of the plump butt. These include a good deal of discipline, perseverance and strong will, as well as a healthy diet and some targeted physical effort. You can easily train your loaches at home, without much effort. You only need it


  • a non-slip pad such as an exercise mat
  • a dumbbell
  • a Theraband (beginners choose the band with the least resistance)
  • These items are available in any sports store and do not cost much. Targeted exercises for a firm butt could be the following:
  • Targeted strength exercises with small dumbbells
  • Targeted strength exercises ensure firm muscles in your buttocks and well-formed curves. Whether at home, in the gym or in between – your butt has every opportunity. But not only the buttocks, also stomach, legs and back benefit.
  • Squats open squats

Stand upright with your legs shoulder-width apart, holding your arm to a stabilizer armchair. Shift your body weight to your heels now. Now bend your knees. You push the Po back and down as if you wanted to sit on a chair. The knees remain over the feet and should not be pushed too far, go also with the buttocks maximally up to the knee height, so that you do not overload the knees. Now push yourself back into the stance, while you tighten the glutes. This exercise is good not only for the muscles in the buttocks but also provides good leg muscles.

One-leg squat with chair

In contrast to bipedal squats, single leg squats are more exhausting and effective, as your body weight will only support one leg during both downward and upward movements. (Warning: not suitable for people with knee problems) Sit on a chair and try to get out of the seat with one leg and then sit back on one leg. Start on the left. Keep your upper body straight. If you find the exercise difficult, use a chair with armrests and rest on it. Repeat the exercise with the right leg.

Lateral raises with the Theraband

Hold one end of the Theraband with your left hand and loop the other end around your foot just above the ankle. Now stand with your left foot on the tape so that it is tight (initial position). Now lift your right leg straight up and out to the side (end position). Hold the leg in the up position for about two seconds and lower it slowly. Begin the next repetition before the tension of the band subsides. Repeat the exercise with the other side.

shoulder bridge

Lie on your back on your mat, angle both legs and place your feet about hip-width. The arms are laterally next to the body (starting position). From the supine position, lift your pelvis upwards until it forms a line with the trunk (end position). Alternately raise and lower your buttocks in this position without putting your pelvis completely on the ground. This exercise also strengthens the back muscles.

Strength training, whether at home or in the gym, will make your muscles grow and increase in size, but at the same time, they will also become shorter. To counteract this, they should always do stretching exercises at the end of your workout. The stretching exercises also require ligaments and tendons. They adapt to the new size of the muscles and ensure good mobility

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