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Allianz against fitness tariffs in the private health insurance

Allianz against fitness tariffs in the private health insurance

Allianz against fitness tariffs in the private health insurance

The alliance is opposed to fitness bracelets and so-called “pay as you live” plans in private health insurance. Health insurance should not make tariffs dependent on personal behaviour, said former Health Minister Daniel Bahr, now on the board of Allianz Kranken. Among other things, the Generali tries to establish such models in Germany with their “Vitality” tariffs.

In Germany, the alliance is opposed to using apps and fitness bracelets to measure the health behavior of private health insured persons in order to reward healthy behavior with bonuses and discounts. “Health insurance must not make the tariff dependent on personal behavior. This is not allowed in Germany, and not right, “said Daniel Bahr, former FDP federal health minister and now on the board of Allianz health insurance, in an interview with the” Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung “.

Thus, the Allianz Board of Directors speaks out against so-called pay-as-you-live tariffs. At these rates, the insured will be equipped with fitness bracelets and apps. If they show a healthy way of life, you can get discounts on the bonus or other rewards. Not an option for Allianz, as Bahr assures. He recalls a basic principle of private health insurance: “The risk is assessed once, on joining the member, and then not changed”.

Pay as you live – health insurance as a fitness trainer

With pay-as-you-live tariffs in Germany, the Generali currently wants to score points. The insurer offers such tariffs currently in the occupational and term life insurance, but later the private health insurance division is added. In doing so, the insured person can earn points that are displayed by means of a gold, silver, bronze and platinum system with proof of a healthy lifestyle, such as sports or the purchase of healthy food. “The more active you live, the more money you save,” promises Generali on her website.

The Generali hopes much of the new tariff generation. The insurance can no longer intervene only in case of damage, but already preventively support the customer, so the promise: for example, if he wants to reduce weight, do more sports or change his diet. Thus, the insurer becomes a fitness trainer and constant companion, the insurance rate to a kind of lifestyle product. The advertising campaign with tennis star Angelique Kerber is completely tailored to this promise: “From insurance is improvement”, so the current slogan of the Generali TV commercials.

Debate on long-term consequences of pay-as-you-live fares

But the tariffs provoke criticism. Not only does the insured person have to pass on sensitive health data to the insurer. Also, critics fear that health insurers could force their members to share data in the future – and sanction unhealthy behavior, such as drinking alcohol. “We follow the mistaken belief in our destiny, that is, our ability to control our future by constantly doing everything” right “and constantly optimizing ourselves – at work, in health and nutrition, even in love and sex,” the writer Juli said Zeh warned in the face of such tariffs. That was a mistake. It threatened in the worst case, a “health dictatorship”.

The Generali expresses such concerns. “Basically, the participation in the Generali Vitality program is voluntary and the customer is always the master of his data,” a spokeswoman had positioned opposite the insurance carrier. He continued, “Even if a Generali Vitality participant did not engage in activity within the program, he will never pay more than a customer who does not participate in the Vitality program over the life of the insurance,” the insurer says.


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