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Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis: Causes & Preventive Measures

Allergic Rhinitis: Causes & Preventive Measures

Between eight and twelve million Germans suffer from hay fever, they have to suffer under a dull nose and itchy eyes every year. The sun is the cause of every sixth allergy sufferer. 13 percent each suffer from a food allergy or allergy to house dust mites. 4 percent are complaining about a mould fungus allergy.

Number of people with allergies

More and more young people have been struggling with allergies, and the darkness of the unrecognized allergies is also very high. The reasons for the increasing number of allergy sufferers is not exactly known.

Responsible for the following:

  • a changed lifestyle
  • environmental pollution
  • wrong diet

Allergic rhinitis – what is behind it? (Causes)

Allergic rhinitis is divided roughly into two groups: allergic rhinitis caused by trees, grasses or herbs (hay fever) and allergic rhinitis caused by other substances and occurring all year round.

The main triggers of hay fever are three groups of pollen:

  • Early flowering trees between February and May
  • Grasses and grains between May and July
  • Certain herbs in early autumn

The most common form is the allergy to grass pollen. Three-quarters of all hay fever patients are allergic to grasses or tree pollen. More than half of all native hay fever pollen belong to a group of about a dozen plants. It is therefore worth figuring out where you are allergic.

What to do with hay fever?

The first measure for hay fever is allergenic ness. However, the contact can usually not be avoided. It is important to consult the doctor in good time in order to initiate the correct therapy. Medicines significantly relieve the symptoms and stop the inflammation process that occurs during hay fever. The physician can prescribe a preventive therapy with cromoglycate acid if the symptoms are mild.

Another possibility is the so-called desensitization, a specific immunotherapy for hay fever. In many cases, the smallest amounts of the triggering allergen are injected under the skin in increasing dosage. The success rate for pollen allergists is about 90 percent. The prerequisite is that the triggering allergens are known.

Hay fever should be taken seriously, as the allergy may spread to the lower respiratory tracts and cause asthma.

Allergic sniffing around the year

In addition to the pollen, many other substances can cause allergic rhinitis. The most common triggers are:

  • animal hair
  • House dust (or the excrements of the house dust mite)
  • molds
  • food
  • drugs

The symptoms which are caused by these substances are largely the same as in the case of hay fever caused by pollen. The allergy to animal hair is usually very violent. This allergy is particularly often triggered by cats, dogs, horses or rodents.

The house dust mite lives in every household – even with great hygiene and cleanliness. It can be found mainly in beds, upholstered furniture or carpets. Typical for this allergy is the onset after waking or afternoon sleep. Molds are also found everywhere in our environment – not only in spoiled food but also in plant soil or in damp walls or cellars.

Preventive Measures for allergies

The following measures should be taken by allergy sufferers in order to avoid contact with the respective allergens:

  1. An animal hair allergy should not hold any pets.
  2. Food allergists must dispense with the corresponding foodstuffs.
  3. For moulds, the apartment should be examined for possible sources and, if necessary, be renovated.
  4. In case of house dust allergy also helps a refurbishment of the apartment. No carpets, little upholstery, special mattress

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