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Age Spots Removal

Age Spots Removal

So-called age spots are pigmented lesions of the skin, which arise in the course of life. One of the main causes is the sun.

These can be at the skin level or slightly raised. An in-depth investigation to exclude malignant lesions is required.

Before the removal of age or pigment spots, they are subjected to a light microscopic examination. Depending on the findings, the removal is gentle on the skin using laser, cryotherapy or electrosurgery. If lesions are suspicious, the removal is surgical.

Remove age spots – costs in practice Small

Ordination with an examination of the lesions by reflected:                  

Follow-up coordination within 3 months after the last ordination: 75 €

Once all lesions have been examined, removal can be performed immediately afterwards. If the removal takes place on the same date, the following additional costs will be incurred :

The following prices are for cosmetic indications incl. VAT .

Removal of age spots or pigment spots with laser, cryotherapy or electrosurgery on the date of initial or follow-up coordination Surcharge for the cost of an ordination
Removal of age spots – up to 3 pieces Surcharge € 50, –
Removal of age spots – 4 to 20 pieces Surcharge € 70, –
Removal of liver spots with laser – over 20 pieces by arrangement

If only the examination is performed at the first appointment, the removal of the lesions may also be carried out at follow-up (within the next 3 months).

Before-and-after photos

Below are the most recent before-and-after photos of age spot removal showing the treatment success after laser age spots removal in our practice.

Remove age spots on the back before-after photos

In the first photo, you can see the age spots on the back of a patient before the treatment. The second photo shows the successes after the age spot removal with laser.

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