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ADHD: types, symptoms and treatments

ADHD: types, symptoms and treatments

Ladies and gentlemen, ADHD is a well known global phenomenon as it is a mental disorder which, if not properly cared for and understood, might cause a great deal of trouble for a person in their everyday life. It is known that ADHD affects almost 10 out of every hundred people, based on medical research. To educate you more about this mental disorder, we have compiled an article that defines ADHD, describes types of ADHD, and explains symptoms of ADHD, some ADHD medications and ADHD treatment options. If you want to learn more about this subject, please take look below:

What does ADHD stand for?

ADHD is a mental disorder which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

ADHD definition: what is ADHD?

Let’s now define ADHD.

People with ADHD find it very hard to effectively focus or concentrate on something and find that they are very easily distracted, thus they may also find it very difficult to control or filter what they are saying or have full control on what they are doing or how they are behaving. It is often noted that these people tend to remain restless and seem anxious to other people. Let’s now discuss the types of ADHD:

Types of ADHD:

Predominantly Inattentive Type:

Predominantly Inattentive Type is a type of ADHD that disallows a person suffering from it from actually performing a task by following instructions. They are unable to focus on the details and thus find it hard to plan out their tasks and thus effectively execute them.

Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type:

Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type is a type of ADHD in which people find it very hard to keep still or refrain from being restless or fidgeting, even if in an anxious manner. They can be impulsive and cause a bit of ruckus. They are not fond of waiting, listening intently, talking about one subject matter or sitting still. It is likely that these people usually get into certain accidents as well.

Combined type:

Combined type is a type of ADHD that involves both the above listed types of ADHD. It shows both symptoms of these types of ADHD equally and thus these qualities and traits are equally predominant in the person suffering from the disorder.

ADHD is a very common mental and behavioral disorder that normally takes effect during the early childhood stages. It is estimated that almost 10% of children all around the world are affected by ADHD through a diagnosis by a professional medical practitioner.

Symptoms of ADHD: what are ADHD symptoms?

The symptoms of ADHD include the person being hyperactive and engaging in physical activities and dropping them just as quick. It comes with a lack of focus problem and difficulty in concentration or attentiveness is an ADHD symptom. Constant talking and jumping from subject matters may also be a sign of ADHD. Daily tasks that require patience are much harder for children or adults suffering from ADHD as well.

The general signs of ADHD or symptoms of ADHD which appear are the same over most age gaps. The ADHD symptoms in children are thus same as the ADHD symptoms in adults. However adult ADHD is less chaotic than ADHD in children. This is because in adults, hyperactivity may decrease and the symptoms may dull down a bit but that does not mean that issues like impulsiveness and restlessness are not prevalent.

Treatment of ADHD:  what are ADHD treatments and medications for ADHD?

ADHD treatment can help reduce the affects this mental disorder is having on your life and may be able to fade the symptoms so as to help increase your daily productivity. The non-medical treatment involves therapy in which psycho-education, behavioral therapy and social skills training may help. However, ADHD medications such as methylphenidate, dexamfetamine, lisdexamfetamine, atomoxetine and guanfacine are known to make the condition sufficiently easier to deal even if they are not a permanent cure for ADHD. ADHD medications for children and ADHD medications for adults are the same; however they may differ in doses.



ADHD is a real problem and most people who do suffer from it might find it extremely challenging to perform day to day tasks. Some might go down into a downward spiral of depression as well. Thus it is important for us to recognize this disorder and understand ADHD. We hope that the definition of ADHD, types of ADHD, and symptoms of ADHD (ADHD symptoms in adults and children), ADHD medications and ADHD treatments allow you to effectively utilize this information to help a person in need.

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