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Addiction - what relatives and friends can do

Addiction – what relatives and friends can do

Addiction – what relatives and friends can do

Addiction or dependence is very stressful for relatives and friends of those affected

Dependence (or addiction) in the medical sense is an undeniable desire for a particular state of experience. In doing so, the person subordinates the mind to this desire. The consequence is the impairment of one’s own personality as well as the destruction of social bonds. Both the dependency syndrome through psychotropic substances, as well as substance-independent dependence is being investigated by the addiction medicine. Prevention, detection, treatment and rehabilitation are the 4 steps of the Department of Psychiatry.

How relatives can help an addict

Of course, it depends on the addict to change something. The success stands and falls namely with the “will”! Does the addict accept that he is ill and needs help? Does he regard his behavior as a problem and does he want to change it? What kind of addiction it is, is not so crucial. Because every form of addiction is detrimental to both the addict and his immediate environment.

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs and gambling, but also computer or internet addiction is on the rise. And of course, there are still those who have become addicted to an illegal drug. Sooner or later, life partners, relatives and friends must repeatedly find that they, too, have to suffer from the addictive behavior.

Each type of addictive behavior influences a person’s everyday life. Therefore, the addiction, no matter what specific way it may be, should not be underestimated. Maybe the addict tends to trivialize his addiction. Or maybe they trivialize their behavior themselves. If, however, a person clearly lacks self-restraint, then this negligence can later affect entire areas of life. Especially when the addiction begins to control and control the behavior.

How can you tell if someone is addicted or is it just harmless behavior?

To name problems clearly

“To argue, to be hurtful or to blame does not help,” says Rüdiger Holzbach. “One should never try to nail the other a diagnosis to the knee. It is better to speak of one’s own feelings, specifically to address things that have changed. To say, ‘I want to have back the man you used to be’ or ‘I can not do more’, if that’s the case.

Let go

The BZgA (Federal Center for Health Education) advises as a member of alcohol addicts to take their own lives back into the hand. “For many relatives, this idea is a great fear,” says Holzbach, understanding for those affected. But still applies: “Just this ‘letting go’ is often more effective than all requests in the years before.”

Set limits

“It helps many addicts to get clear limits from close people,” advises Christoph Stichelbach from the Kamillushaus. The Specialist Clinic for Addiction Therapy in Essen wants to help addicted and addicted people with modern and comprehensive medical therapeutic treatment concepts. Stichelbach, who has a great deal to do with the relatives of addicts, adds to the limits of addiction: “The proverbial showing of the ‘red card’ can have a startling effect.”


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