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Acupuncture: How does it help with addiction therapy?

Acupuncture: How does it help with addiction therapy?

Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It treats the disturbance of the energy flow in the body to which the millennium old method traces every disease. The WHO’s list of acupuncture indicators is long and includes all organ systems. It also affects the psyche and promotes detoxification in the treatment of seeker diseases. A combination of body and acupuncture is usually used. The treatment on the ear, on which the reflex points of the whole body are depicted, goes to the French physician Dr. Paul Nogier back, not to the Chinese. It is a simple method against withdrawal symptoms and mental stabilization. Read here how acupuncture and acupuncture work and how they can help with addiction therapy.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

At the TCM, energetic disturbances are compensated. The life energy Qi must be free to flow, not too much and not too little. A meridian is assigned to each organ. The acupuncture points are located on this energy tram. They are stimulated with needles, lasers or pressure point massage, thus balancing the energy flow. The power supply of the associated organ is restored.
The goal for body, mind and soul is the balance of yin (female) and yang (male). Accordingly there are as many Yin and Yang meridians. Imbalance and disease are caused by incorrect diet, stress, heat and cold, wetness and dryness, emptiness and abundance, both physically and mentally.
The diagnosis takes place by anamnesis, viewing, smelling, hearing, palpation of the patient and by means of pulse and tongue diagnosis. In addition to the acupuncture, medicinal plants, massage, nutrition therapy (5-element diet) and Qi Gong are used.

What are the application areas of acupuncture?

From a Chinese perspective: all diseases. In Germany only the pain therapy with acupuncture is recognized. Other proven indications are acute and chronic inflammation, degenerative diseases, paralysis, mental disorders, psychosomatic and addictive disorders, even if they are not reimbursed by the statutory health insurance fund. However, this does not mean that such therapies have less value for the patient.

How is acupuncture performed?

Body acupuncture usually takes place when lying down. The meridians extend over the entire body to the hands and feet. Therefore, it is more practical and convenient to be able to lie during the 20-30 minute treatment period. The fine, sterile disposable needles are almost painlessly pierced into the skin. To intensify, the therapist can move the needles or stimulate the points additionally by warmth with heated mugwort (moxibustion).

What is Ohrakupunktur?

The Ohrakupunktur or Aurikulotherapie was by the French general physician Dr. Paul Nogier (1908-1996). He was attentive to the possibility of reaching the entire body energetically through the ear through North African patients. He was told that back pain was alleviated by treatment at the ear. From this he concluded a connection between certain points on the ear and the spine. When this was confirmed, he continued to do research until he found correspondences for all the body regions.
“In the ear is the whole man,” was his conclusion. It is similar to foot reflexology, where the body can be reflected on the foot and treated there. On the ear one can imagine the human being pictured as a transformed embryo. The earlobe corresponds to the brain, the edge of the auricle to the spinal cord, the internal spine and internal organs, and the upper hand and foot of the respective body side.
The Ohrakupunktur is an independent method. The only reference to the TCM is the use of needles, in order to reach the very small reflex points precisely and to stimulate with needles during the addiction treatment. Consequences are similar to the body acupuncture the release of messenger substances and the energetic influence of the organ. A direct effect on the central nervous system due to the localization on the head is also considered possible. The connection between the small reflex zone on the ear and an organ also makes it possible to diagnose the condition of the corresponding body region. Ohrakupunktur is performed with needles, massage or completely painless for sensitive patients and children with a laser.

What are their indications?

Ohrakupunktur is used for pain, eg migraine, headaches, stomach, intestinal cramps, angina pectoris, allergies such as hay fever and asthma, muscle tension, mental and psychosomatic illnesses, addiction treatment and the strengthening of the immune system.

How is Ohrakupunktur used for addiction?

Micron needles are usually used for one week. The patient stimulates the needles daily several times. It is also possible to have acupuncture treatment on the body with psycho-balancing points, to detoxify and to provide additional support against withdrawal symptoms, eg 3 sessions in the first week, 2 sessions in the second week and 1 session from the 3rd to 8 weeks , from which the permanent needles are placed, alternating each week alternately on the other ear.
3-5 points are needled, at least one point depending on the addiction, eg for the lungs during smoking cessation and the stomach during eating disorders, as well as the anti-aggression point and the point of desire. In addition to nicotine and food addiction is also the dependence on alcohol and medicines. Acupuncture must be combined with kidney and liver care, nutritional therapy and, above all, psychotherapy.

What is addiction acupuncture after the NADA model?

NADA is a therapy model that was developed in the 1980s in Bronx / New York. Inspired by the successes with Ohrakupunktur in opium addicts in Hong Kong, drug-dependent and psychiatrically conspicuous persons were treated in the drugstore of the Lincoln Hospital by the same method, which was further developed. 5 acupuncture points on the ear and a certain setting of the withdrawal, eg in the group, sit down, with soothing detox teas.
In 1993 the method was also introduced in Germany ( NADA is National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. In Spanish, the abbreviation is interestingly nothing. Fits also, as with nothing, ie without psychopharmaceuticals, the withdrawal symptoms are relieved and the detoxification is stimulated. Acupuncture is combined with conventional addiction and psycho-socio-therapeutic elements. NADA is also used for trauma, stress, ADHD and burnout.

What causes acupuncture in addiction therapy?

  • Alleviation and reduction of withdrawal symptoms such as pain, internal restlessness, heart racing, sweating, aggression, anxiety
  • Reduction of addiction requirements
  • physical and mental stabilization
  • improved concentration with simultaneous relaxation
  • sleep regulation
  • Reduction or complete renouncement of psychopharmaceuticals
  • better persistence of the therapy, access to the patient, good cooperation

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