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Acne Causes, Symptoms & Precautions

Acne Causes, Symptoms & Precautions

Acne Causes, Symptoms & Precautions

Acne affects not only teenagers during puberty. Acne can occur with anyone at any age. Usually, professionals proclaim that the diet has virtually no effect on an acne. At the same time, they obviously do not know anything about the direct connection between intestinal health and acne. And so in acne drugs are prescribed, which can have harmful side effects – and in doing so do not even improve the acne. In the case of acne, however, there are holistic measures that not only help to alleviate acne, but also have positive side effects.

Acne – A Question of the Skin Type?

Some people actually have a skin that is prone to acne . “Vulnerable”, however, does not mean that this type of acne has to occur in any case, but only that the acne occurs when certain triggering factors come together.

But exactly these possible triggers can be influenced with special holistic measures and a conscious diet and lifestyle so that the acne does NOT appear, even with “susceptible” skin. And so many people have been able to get rid of their acne without medication , simply by practicing a certain diet and lifestyle.

Acne – result of hormone overproduction

As one of the main causes of acne, an overproduction of androgens is repeatedly brought into the field. Androgens are male hormones, which stimulate the body to an increased sebum production. If the skin produces too much sebum, the pores can become infected. They ignite.

This happens because foreign bodies and bacteria are enclosed by the sebum production in the pores and now the typical acne cysts or even painful furuncles arise. However, overproduction of androgens is not simply so, but has a cause – a cause which in most cases can be controlled independently.

Acne and the influence of the blood glucose level

The sensitive balance of the hormones is influenced by the blood glucose level. If the blood glucose level rises , this leads to a sudden insulin output and this leads again to an increased androgen production.

If the blood glucose level rises very sharply and this happens several times a day, a lot of insulin is released into the blood several times a day, which in turn can result in a regular androgen mass production.

Avoid high insulin levels in the case of acne

Insulin, however, not only increases the production of androgen, and thus the sebum production, but also has a major influence on the development of acne on several fronts. The formation of acne begins in the hair follicles by the increased cell division of so-called keratinocytes , which are the cells of the epidermis.

But how does this increase in cell division occur? Insulin promotes the release of specific substances called growth factors. It is these growth factors, in particular, which are responsible for the excessive multiplication of the keratinocytes. In addition, insulin also inhibits those substances which would inhibit the increased cell division.

Insulin is also associated with the development of chronic inflammatory processes – which are also very strong in acne.

Conclusion: In any case, severe blood glucose fluctuations should be avoided consistently.

First of all, one must first of all know how the undesirable strong blood glucose fluctuations occur at all. The blood glucose level only increases sharply if a particular diet and lifestyle forces him to do so.

The choice of food is therefore at the very beginning of a chain reaction, which can ultimately lead to the onset of acne.

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