ABORTION is removing of the fetus and terminating pregnancy either willingly or unwillingly. Unwilling removal or death of the fetus is known as miscarriage. There are many debates on willing abortion depending on the ethical values of various religions, morals, and faiths. Some people consider being the right of choice of women while other consider it as a murder.


Abortion facts:

There are a few abortion facts which have astonished my thinking and forced me to ponder over the reasons and certainty of abortion:

  • Un-Wantedness:

How can a mother be willing for terminating her pregnancy? The answer might be rape, diseases, disability, poverty or the career of the mother. All these reasons have their own justifications.

  • To save mother:

1% or lesser rate of abortion are concerned with saving mother’s life.

  • Abortion is equivalent to killing:

The little fetus residing in mother’s body owns all the right which is retained by an adult. Being a fetus doesn’t make it inhuman or something else it’s still a human at a different stage of development having a complete right to live.

  • The contradiction between abortion restriction and women empowerment:

Abortion is supposed to be restricted because no one should be provided with the power of making a decision of someone’s life or death. Women empowerment is questioned here that it should be mother’s choice (entirely) that is she really willing to bear the child or not. In my opinion, women empowerment has nothing to do with this, you can’t simply kill an innocent for whatever reason (Rape is entirely another horrific case).

  • What does the baby feel?

The abortion is done during the second trimester and after causes physical pain to the baby that has to abort.

  • Does abortion hurt the mother?


Abortion is a process of losing a part of your body and obviously, the mother experiences physical pain. Prior to physical pain mother also goes through a phase of a mental illness that can be named as GUILT. This feeling of guilt is referred to as a murder of an innocent for whatever reason.

  • A Global Issue:

Abortion is about killing a person it’s not confined to a boy or girl. Every single person should take it seriously and should stand for the right to life of unborn.


Types  Of Abortion:

The modern world has developed a few ways to perform abortion and here are they:

Early Non-Surgical Abortion (Medical Abortion): Medication is prescribed to the mother if she is willing to abort within 2 to 10  weeks of pregnancy. By the passage of time, the expected mother will experience cramps, pelvic pain, bleeding along with the passing of clots or unborn child. As a disadvantage women might experience perforation in the uterus, heavy bleeding, clots in the uterus or incomplete abortion.

Suction Aspiration (Surgical Abortion): This procedure involves injecting local anesthesia near the cervix and suctioning out the fetus by opening up the cervix. It is to make sure that complete abortion has been performed.

Induced Abortion: Induced abortion is concerned with late term abortion. It is performed by inducing labor. This basically artificial induction of labor for facilitating the fetal release from the body also known as induced miscarriage. This procedure is normally performed in a second or third trimester. Cervix is dilated with the help cervical device to perform the abortion. A combination of medication might be used to prevent an excess of bleeding.

Parsley Abortion: For natural abortion in early stages parsley: a herb is used. Parsley leaves are blended with water and taken as a medication for 2 to 3 times a day. Regular intake leads to natural abortion. (still, consult a doctor)


Abortion side effects:

Side effects of abortion and abortion pills are somewhat similar and can be very harmful and before the abortion, you must consult about the side effects of abortion with your doctor. Make sure that you have a reliable doctor. The severity of side effects depend on either how poorly the abortion was performed or the health condition of the woman.

The side effects enlisted below are anticipated to experience after the abortion for 2 to 4 weeks and in case the time exceeds then it’s dangerous:

  • Abdominal pain and cramping
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Spotting and bleeding


There are a little more complicated side effects examined to be experienced by the women following their abortions:

  • Continuous bleeding
  • Difficulty in conceiving in future
  • Infection
  • Damage to the cervix
  • Scarring and Perforation of the uterus
  • Death

Yes! wrong medication or procedure can lead to severe illness and then to death, as well.


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